Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Step Further- eMAM Integration with IBM LDAP

Many major organizations use LDAP to link staff and authorized computer system user information among various software systems so user data can be centrally controlled.   Our integration with LDAP means that user information need not be maintained separately in the eMAM system.
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) runs over TCP/IP, and is commonly used as a directory service for internet as well as, non-internet applications. IBM Directory Server offers LDAP, and eMAM is now integrated with IBM LDAP, for ease of security and efficient deployment of the system.
eMAM can use IBMLDAP to perform user authentication, and eMAM takes user properties from LDAP to provide the following benefits:

  • Security- Security on all levels of entry/exit/access to systems without the inconvenience of maintaining separate systems.
  • Centralized reporting- Centralized authentication servers are used so that users need to enter their existing credentials only once.
  • Reduced Cost- The system leads to cost reduction by lowering the number of calls to the IT help desk regarding passwords.
  • Reducing password fatigue- Password fatigue forces users to use the passwords that are not secure, and hence are vulnerable to cracking. The system reduces password fatigue from different user name and password combinations.
The aim of eMAM is to exceed customer’s expectations, and take their media asset management experience to a new level.


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