Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Free Services come with a price.

Many content owners are using YouTube and Vimeo to post their sizzle reels, show edits, and then sending the links to the network executives.  YouTube and Vimeo provide free services, but the added benefits of eMAM Online-a professional marketing and sales platform can far outweigh its costs.

  • Ownership.   Your content is the result of your hard work.   It is the intellectual property of your organization.   Putting content into public facing sites shares it with the world, immediately losing all control and losing ownership.   You are legally granting licenses to YouTube and Vimeo to use your content the minute you upload to their sites.
  • Security.   eMAM provides tools for user management, tightly controlling access and all other permissions.   Digital rights are managed by the category and user group level.
  • Branding.   Customize and brand your content’s look and feel, whether as an email, as a playable link, or as a portal.   Control the settings on your player as you see fit.   No advertisement or related content (sometimes it could be from your competitor!) to distract your viewer.  Some organizations explicitly block users from accessing YouTube and Vimeo as corporate policy.
  • Multi Device Player.   No matter what devices your viewers have, eMAM can support them all!  Providing enormous flexibility to receive, stream and download in a range of formats, both proxy copies and originals.   
  • Streaming.   You can preconfigure any streaming technology, content delivery network, social media, or web platform, so users can easily use these systems and technologies directly from the eMAM web interface.
  • Workflow Integration.   eMAM provides complete integrated workflow solutions, with systems available for on premise locations and in the cloud-integrating most of the common video solutions, including editing, storage, archive, ingest, and delivery.   Built in collaboration, review/approval, and sharing tools empower staff and external customers for both work-in-progress and finished pieces.  Customers can order content for fulfillment.
  • Ingest.   eMAM has no restrictions on upload and storage.   Almost any format is supported through our transcoding integrations.   Accelerated file transfers (UDP) make the transfer of high resolution video and other large files feasible.
  •  Long Term Planning.  Every organization must implement systems to meet current needs and account for future needs.   The flexibility and power of the eMAM system ensures that your system can grow and change with your needs.   It is time consuming and expensive to run multiple systems, or migrate your content between platforms.   

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