Friday, July 24, 2015

Intermediate Workflow with eMAM

An intermediate format - also known as house format, platform, mezzanine, or edit proxy format - is a lightweight copy of your original video file. Intermediate formats facilitate the post-production process by providing editors and producers with media files that are easier to handle than the original high-resolution material.  Smaller file size takes up less space, and lower resolution reduces bandwidth. Uniformity with a common file type helps with processing and rendering, as well as lessening the likelihood for transcoding errors.

Intermediate formats vary based on an organization's preferences. Producers and editors can choose from QuickTime, MXF, MPEG or Windows Media.

For this workflow, eMAM can trigger the transcoder to created the intermediate file upon ingest. It is then made available for editors to use in their NLE systems. For example, in Adobe Premiere, eMAM users can see all their assets in the eMAM panel and import the intermediate format it to their project. Once the sequence is finalized, editors can re-link the media assets to their original higher resolution formats for export and delivery.

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