Tuesday, May 22, 2012

eMAM Adds Cloud Storage Tier to HSM

Advancement of storage solutions has led to automation of storage and retrieval of data on many different types of devices and platforms. Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) is a data storage technique which automatically moves data between high-cost and low-cost storage media based on usage frequency. A simple two tiered system migrates files with little recent use from local media to tape or optical devices for long term preservation and protection of the content.

eMAM is a web-accessible Digital Asset Management (DAM) software system designed to organize, share, and collaborate with  digitized information such as audios, videos, images, documents and other digital files. In addition to the advancement in HSM, eMAM adds a third tier: cloud storage, offering more flexibility, reliability, affordability and higher availability of digital assets. HSM techniques add more power and efficiency to ingest, use and share different types of digital assets for effective collaboration, keeping the key factors of price, performance, capacity and usability into consideration.

Storage Flexibility of eMAM System

eMAM uses hierarchical storage to store frequently used data files on disk drives,  migrating them to LTO tapes if these files are not used for a certain period of time. As only infrequently used files are stored on tape, users do not notice a performance slowdown.  The possible amount of stored data is much larger than the disk storage capacity available.  Furthermore, LTO tapes are secure, private and encrypted. eMAM uses HSM to migrate assets that have not been used for a few weeks or months  to LTO tapes. Through the eMAM system, user now has a link to the HSM managed storage location, which can be used to access the file and migrate it back to the local storage. User need not be aware of how and where files are stored.

eMAM has built-in features like full restore, partial file restore, partial file delivery, archive/restore job prioritization, and so forth, to efficiently manage the archive. eMAM’s high speed search engine and metadata support allows end users to easily search and browse  the content from archive, and deliver needed  assets to editing systems, payout servers, external FTP, cloud platform  and other devices in the network.

Role of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage offers several benefits for sending and sharing content, including global reach and accessibility across multiple platforms, while serving as an additional archive location for backup.  Cloud storage through eMAM allows users to cost effectively and quickly share their content such as advertising material, marketing campaigns, presentations, dailies, and so forth as eBIN messages. Content is loaded at the recipient device from the nearest Amazon edge server location. Cloud storage is cheap, requires no personnel, has no physical presence, requires no environmental conditions, has backup and recovery systems, doesn’t require installation, and doesn’t require energy for cooling or power.

In most cases, storage selection is dependent on the workflow. For example, in order to manage efficient workflow that involves extensive graphic or video editing, high speed SAN storage is required. eMAM is designed to work in an environment where high speed SAN storage volume is shared between multiple editing clients through fiber channel connections. eMAM has built in features like project management, annotation, rough cut, EDL (edit decision list) management, approval, and so forth to effectively manage these workflow requirements.


With the exponential rise in the amount of content being produced each day, manufacturers are now offering most economical and feasible long-term storage solutions available for less than $100 to manage one TB of content with 99.99% availability. This archive storage leads to overall cost reduction by minimizing expenses on infrastructure, maintenance, labor etc. Additionally, the cost of owning third party software and various upgrades that are required to meet the challenges of ever changing technology landscape are taken care of by the service providers. Overall, these storage solutions offer reduced total cost of ownership, and increased return on investment in the long run.

By adding cloud storage tier to HSM, eMAM can manage various digital content workflows effectively. For eMAM users, this means great improvement in productivity and resource utilization. For an organization, this will lead to simplified resource sharing, reduced administrative workload and aid in support of business growth and change. There is much to gain from HSM techniques, and eMAM can show the way. 


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