Friday, August 5, 2016

Zip, Zap, Integrated.

Individuals and sometimes organizations use public cloud systems (Google Drive, One Drive, etc. ) for storing or sharing some or all of their content.   These systems are easy to use and have little or no cost, no requirements for hardware and can be accessed from anywhere.    The obvious question about content security is one for organizational IT departments to answer but their impact on asset management is in our wheelhouse.

eMAM, like other asset management systems works best if users have one interface to access all of their (allowed) content.   In a centralized storage system such as a SAN or a NAS this is easy enough.   eMAM has the ability to manage content in multiple different storage locations. This could be on premise, on remote locations, or in the cloud.   A common challenge for an organization is that if an organization has many Google Drives and other cloud systems, each of these individual systems will have separate security systems and separate integrations – this is a real nightmare to manage. 

Enter Zapier!

Zapier, with over 500 systems ( can link different systems together with a simple little “Zap”, including eMAM.  

A few examples:

·         Anything put in your GDrive creates a TRIGGER then a copy (the ACTION) of content would go into your eMAM ingest folder, or
·         You can have a delivery profile to send all clips for review from eMAM into a consultant’s One Drive account.

Note that the workflow can occur in BOTH directions – to and from eMAM/Zapier connected systems. There is virtually unlimited flexibility. The good news is that users accustomed to using certain systems can continue to do so, while the organization can still have all content linked together in one easy to manage interface.   There may be some work for an organization’s IT department or the eMAM professional services team to link each account (each with different security settings), but it is easy to setup with simple point/click logic to create each Zap: IF this EVENT happens (the TRIGGER), THEN do THIS (the ACTION).   There is no need to write any complex scripts, learn new programming languages, or integrate APIs .

We can help you to start Zapping away.

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