Tuesday, May 1, 2012

eMAM Added support for frame accurate rough-cut and markers

Keeping up with technology trends, eMAM has incorporated frame-accurate rough cut video editing and video marking functionality using flash video through any standard web browser. Flash (FLV) files contain material viewable on most operating systems and web browser plugins.  Using Flash vp6, flv files offer high rates of compression and produce high quality videos for eMAM users.  The eMAM preview player uses flash video.   With the markers tab from the Director Interface, users can easily make marks and sub clips/rough cuts from any web interface.   The same functionality powers the partial restore feature.   Now this feature is fully frame-accurate.
Flash vp6t can be also be easily embedded in a webpage using our embed functionality..
eMAM now uses  Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), to become  a robust video player with t Progressive Download.
Using RTMP enables users to playback their media files even before the download is complete. This eliminates the delay caused by the downloading process while using eMAM, giving users a better experience, especially if the connection is slow.Files play quality from the user’s device will be  unaffected by bandwidth. 
By using RTMP, eMAM ensures persistent connection and low-latency communication. Another huge advantage of using this protocol is non-instantaneous playback of video, especially for long-duration content.
Empress Media Inc., is investing heavily on its eMAM solution and are in discussion with third party media streaming software providers in order to enrich its offerings


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