Monday, December 19, 2016

eMAM works with and adds value to Adobe Premiere Pro CC environments with team projects.

Adobe continues to innovate its Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Prelude systems with additional tools and features, including the launch of Projects for Teams (Beta).  Can eMAM work with these environments?  Does eMAM still add value in Premiere editing workflows?  The answer to both these questions is yes.

Projects for Teams (Beta) is built on the current Premiere system.   Users with business licenses and enterprise licenses can now work on either a project or a team project.  Others assigned to a team project will have a notification when another user changes a project.  The system will track versions, sync changes from different users and resolve conflicts that may occur.  The project file is shared in the Adobe Creative Cloud, while the media must be available locally for an editor.  eMAM’s integrated extension panel, as detailed in the white paper (, still offers extensive features for an editor including

  • ·         Preview of all categories, projects, and assets from eMAM, regardless of location.
  • ·         Ingest, delivery, archive, and restore of selected media.
  • ·         Review and approval of sequences
  • ·         Access to metadata, comments, file versions, and history of an asset.
  • ·         Collaboration with others using the eMAM web or tablet interfaces.

eMAM is still an important addition to an environment using Team Projects.

1.       Non-technical users:  eMAM web and tablet interfaces can be used by non-technical users to contribute to projects by assigning media, making markers and subclips, and building sequences.
2.       Access:  eMAM is web based, so users can access and contribute to projects from any location worldwide.
3.       Media Management:  Team projects easily shares projects files, but it does not manage the media.   Media must be available locally for an editor to use.   If editors are in different locations, this will cause multiple redundant copies to be downloaded and stored, which will fill up valuable primary/editing storage.  eMAM only downloads or uploads non-duplicate files.   One button archive and restore limits the use of expensive primary storage while being intelligent enough to retain media used in other editing projects.
4.       Cloud ambivalence:  eMAM supports many public cloud (Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and others) to process and store projects files, native resolution media, and low resolution proxies.   It also supports private cloud, hybrid, and on premise storage and processing.  While Adobe Team Projects are stored in the Adobe cloud system, organizations using eMAM have the flexibility to use storage and processing system and locations that best fit their security, infrastructure, budget, and other needs.

Look for upcoming improvements for Team Projects from Adobe and Empress.

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