Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Supporting Avid Editing Workflows with Telestream Vantage

eMAM is a full featured media asset management system, managing media across locations, systems, and workflow processes.    Non-editors can use the eMAM system from any browser or native Android or iPad to select media for editing.   With the tight integration with Telestream Vantage, the eMAM system can now deliver media, both full clips and sub clips, to individual Avid Media Composer, Avid Nexis Storage and Interplay.


Using eMAM Ingest profiles, users ingest media using a Watch Folder, eMAM Feeder or the Web Uploader. The Original files, Proxies and Thumbnails are stored in a pre-defined eMAM Managed Storage location.


The eMAM Director or tablet interface allow users to gather media to be delivered to Avid by selecting individual assets or by selecting categories with assigned assets.  Users move assets to the Director Delivery Widget by Drag-n-Drop or by selecting “Add to Delivery” from the Category menu. Selected assets are now ready to be delivered to Avid Media Composer/Nexis/Interplay. From the Delivery Widget Menu, users select “Deliver” and the pre-defined eMAM Delivery Profile to send media to the Vantage transcoder for processing. Video files are converted to AAF/MXF format and moved to the Avid Media Files Folder.

Avid Media Composer Import

Avid Media Composer users simply import the AAF file and the media assets are ready for editing.

Optional Workflow Using MXF Files and Direct Converts

eMAM and Vantage can create an MXF Op1a file upon ingest and store it in the eMAM Originals Folders. When eMAM users select assets to be delivered to Avid Media Composer, the MXF Op1a will be sent to Vantage and process as a Direct Convert (no additional transcoding) and delivered to the Avid Media Files folder.   


The complete workflow can be obtained with an eMAM Delivery Bundle, consisting of eMAM vault or workgroup, Telestream Vantage Transcode Pro Connect, Vantage Avid Advanced Option, and Vantage Analysis.   Contact us or one of our system integrators for details.   


eMAM can help control and manage the media editors use in their productions. Search, Preview and Deliver media at the push of a button. Finished material can be exported back to the eMAM system for use in other automated workflows like Review and Approve, Delivery and Archive to LTO, ODA or Cloud based storage.

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