Sunday, May 25, 2014

eMAM and Adobe laying the foundation for modern media workflows.

Congratulations to Narenda Modi, now elected Prime Minister of India, the world's largest democracy! His landslide election is widely credited as the media savvy model for future Indian election campaigns. 

Empress worked with its system integrator partner to build a digitization and archive repository system for video content for Mr. Modi's Gujarat government.  

The eMAM Vault system manages the SAN storage, capture/ingest stations, and the robotic LTO library system in the highly secured system run by Gujarat Infomatics Limited,   The built-in eMAM extension panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC allows users to capture the content from DVCAM, U-matic and Betacam tapes using a connected Matrox card for ingest directly to eMAM with metadata tagging.  A clip will be moved to the central storage and LTO library.  In addition to the digitization of around 4,000 hours of video, currently produced materials also end up in eMAM for post-production and archive.   eMAM interfaces allow easy search, review & approval, annotation, rough cut, metadata tagging and partial restore of these videos.

eMAM Feeder can support file based ingest, but critical to the system was ingest support for Firewire interface drives which was simple with the combined system:

1.       Tape decks and camera are connected to the ingest machine through the Firewire interface using Matrox cards.
2.       The user opens Premiere and presses the F5 key to load the capture window.   The built-in Adobe Media Encoder supports a wide variety of formats and codecs. 
3.       The videos open as clips into a Premiere Pro project in Premiere Pro. 
4.       The Premiere Pro project is exported to an eMAM project using the built in Premiere extension panel for metadata tagging, collaboration, distribution, storage, and archive management through eMAM.



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