Thursday, September 27, 2012

eMAM Channel Development Strategy 2012

Our strategy is to provide competitive media asset management products through reputable and qualified system integrators.   System integrators are trusted technology partners for their clients, offering best of breed solutions.   We see digital asset management as an important part of any technology design project, so we look to successful partnerships to help meet the needs of mutual customers.   We also look for important feedback so our present and future development efforts best meet emerging needs in the marketplace. 

Empress is actively pursuing integrators that provide consultation, services and products that meet the needs of companies and organizations that have a need to manage libraries of video, graphics and other documents. The capabilities, scalability and features of our eMAM platform of products has proven to be very beneficial to many organizations both large and small. eMAM improves workflows, eliminates IT headaches and provides a user friendly environment allowing secure access to content for users of all types. Empress offers our system integrators unparalleled support from pre-sale consultation to post-sale support.

The advantage for system integrators that choose eMAM as their media asset management offering is the flexibility eMAM offers when integrating with other systems. eMAM’s web services API makes this task not only possible but seamless. Empress also works closely with strategic partners including: archive management software companies, storage companies and other industry related companies.

The other distinct advantage for system integrators is the broad product base, allowing them to best meet the exact needs of their customers.    eMAM Enterprise is a fully scaled solution designed for the largest organizations.   eMAM Workgroup is a workflow solution to meet the needs of many different customers.   eMAM Vault is an archive solution to meet the needs of clients looking for storage and archive management tools.   eMAM Online is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering to host client material from our dedicated server farm or from  cloud storage.

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