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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Our buttons are bigger and we are not afraid to use them

eMAM has two types of buttons to streamline and automate your workflows.

Server-Side button

With the eMAM server-side button, you can set up a metadata button to trigger any type of workflow on the eMAM server from a single click. Using the workflow configuration settings, and a little programming, you set any workflow including delivery, publishing, and archive to any of the numerous API interconnected systems. Send metadata, JSON, XML, and so forth as HTTP POST. If needed, our technical team or our system integrators can walk you through the process.

Client-Side button

With the eMAM client-side button and a little bit of Java scripting, eMAM gives you the ability to interact with your desktop applications running in your MAC/PC client workstation directly from eMAM Director web interface. The client-side button can pass your media metadata to another application. For example, simple JavaScript snippet can be used to pass the asset media path and metadata to an asynchronous pluggable protocol handler to launch the desktop applications like a Video QC software. This opens up an entire range of simple integrations.

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