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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

eMAM Announces distributed workflow model

eMAM Announces a powerful and cost-effective distributed workflow model with the flexibility to meet the needs of worldwide collaborative rich media projects

eMAM is a digital asset management system that provides a complete enterprise digital asset management/media asset management tool set accessible from any web browser.

This workflow model is suitable for organizations that want to work with the high resolution material locally at different office locations and power a collaborative review and approval process. This system allows users to use a single interface to preview and manage the content that is scattered around the world at different locations in storage systems, editing systems, play-out servers, LTO Archive, etc...

Onsite Acquisition:   The eMAM Feeder is a desktop application for MAC, PCs or laptops.   It allows secure ingest, categorization, and tagging of assets into the eMAM system.     It has a localized database to store the upload status and metadata in case the centralized eMAM system is inaccessible. 

The eMAM Transcode Manager installed locally generates a proxy copy for web based preview and extracts embedded metadata to power search.  The eMAM feeder automatically identifies the native file structure of the P2, S x S, AVCHD, ARRI ALEXA and XDCAM camera inputs for input, storage, and processing (archive, delivery, etc…).  

Native Content:  Because eMAM powers universal media asset management, authorized users can archive, (partial) restore, and deliver native content as needed directly from onsite storage and/or library systems.   The eMAM Transcode Manager is fully integrated with Harmonic ProMedia Carbon to transcode media as needed to a wide variety of codecs and formats. The native content can also be transferred to centralized storage (i.e. client servers) for editing and storage and likewise managed there.

Online/Cloud Proxies:  Whether stored in our dedicated server farm or in the cloud, proxy copies of all content can be stored for universal access and collaboration.  

Database:   The core eMAM system can be located on client servers, in our dedicated server farm, or in the cloud.  

Accelerated Transfer:  eMAM seamlessly integrates with technologies such as Aspera and Signiant or infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or CDN platforms to accelerate worldwide transfer of content.   Our internal tests for initial downloads with AWS S3 shows initial download speeds 40 x faster than standard internet, with later transfer faster if the data is cached or if stored in a bucket near to the point of download.

Onsite Archive:   eMAM can directly manage storage on direct, network attached storage and storage area network systems.   It also integrates with leading archive management platforms, including SGL FlashNet, XenData, Crossroads Strongbox, and QStar, to power LTO libraries and drives.   Using the eMAM interface, users can manually or automatically archive content to LTO.  LTO is the leading standard for archive storage; so many productions require one or two LTO copies made for all content.   At very low cost, eMAM can manage one or two LTFS attached LTO drives with tapes stored on the shelf:   the system will trigger an alert when tapes need to be manually loaded.   eMAM can also run a robotic LTO library with massive scalability using Qualstar, Spectralogic or other libraries.  
The eMAM online library provides access to content in current storage and archive.   Archived assets will be restored as needed for download and delivery.   The markers tab allows users to make set in and set out points for partial restore of archived content.

Flexibility where and when you need it:  eMAM components can now run in different locations as needed.   Localized ingest points, with or without archive storage, can provide proxy copies for worldwide approval/review processes.   Media can be delivered/downloaded directly from onsite locations, from our dedicated server farm, or from client centralized storage.    Clients can purchase or rent remote ingest stations, online storage, cloud storage, and installed workgroup or larger enterprise systems to meet their current or future needs.  All processes are run off the intuitive eMAM web interfaces accessible anywhere by any authorized user.   The ease of use simplifies support and training.   EMAM gives users power to review, share, and collaborate worldwide regardless of where the native and proxy content is actually stored.

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